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(The source of competitive advantage in any organization lies in its people.)


Recruitment Contingency

The contingency recruitment model is normally used for on-going permanent openings where we have agreed terms and conditions with the client and are supplying manpower on an ad-hoc basis. When engaged in this model, we charge the fee only on signature of an employment agreement.


Recruitment Temporary

Any skill which is not company’s specialization should be hired on temporary basis.Adsconsultants specializes in providing resources on temporary basis under Temp Staffing vertical. Single Billing for all kind of Pay-outs, Temp / Contract Staffing can be done for any period of requirement starting from 30 days and above.



Executive search is about people. Developing sustainable relationships with both our candidates and clients is a key component of our strategy. We make an exhaustive effort to relate to and understand the needs of both our candidates and clients in order to continually deliver the high-quality services.

How we do it?

  • Recruitment across all levels
  • Pan India recruitment Services
  • Specialized in FMCG, Engineering, Pharma & Energy sectors
  • Specialized in Headhunting

Why we do it?

If you are a company seeking best calibre human resources for your organization ‘or’ a candidate seeking a new job or career guidance

We will gladly share our expertise and passion for recruitment with you.We have in-depth knowledge of your industry, which enable us to provide you with a comprehensive service based on our knowledge and expertise. The passion towards our job is the foundation of our efficiency.

Why Adsconsultants?

  • Close Co-Ordination
  • Value Added Services
  • Adherence
  • Diligence
  • Guarantee

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