About Us

About Us

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ADS Consultants was founded in 2008 supported by tons of self-reliance with a sole mission to emerge as one of the leading recruitment provider. We have been anchored on values of self-esteem, transparency and diversity with a focussed vision to move from good to better and from better to the best by becoming the employer of excellence in our industry sector. ADS has registered growth in billing of more than 50 % each in the past two years and will continue to do so in the future. Over the past few years ADS has earned confidence of its clients for rendering dependable high quality ADS has been constantly working towards building its client’s business through people and partnership.


To give our Clients to get the competitive edge by, Recruiting high potential manpower.
Developing and continuing professional relationships.
Build organizations by providing them, the best human resources available.
Assist individuals in realizing their true potential by identifying for them challenging opportunities.
Respect the dignity, self-worth and entrepreneurial spirit of our people.


Our vision is to become the most dependable recruitment service provider in the country and to always exceed expectation.

We are committed to providing the highest quality candidates for you