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Recruitment (Contingency)

The contingency recruitment model is normally used for on-going permanent openings where we have agreed terms and conditions with the client and are supplying manpower on an ad-hoc and as needed basis. When engaged on a contingent model, we will charge the fee only upon the signature of an employment agreement.

This is how it works:

The job is carefully qualified by us.
• We conduct a detailed search of our extensive database and contact network.
• Suitable applicants are identified and qualified to ascertain their interest and suitability for the role.
• We perform a first interview with the potential candidate.
• We provide you with a short-list of suitable candidates containing all relevant information.
• We arrange interviews with the candidate for you.
• We follow up the interviews by gathering feedback from both you and the applicant.
• We provide support during contract negotiation.
• Successful placement!
• After placement support

It is very important for us to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and how it relates to your organisation. Description and requirements of the opening are discussed thoroughly to ensure that we have a very clear understanding of your requirement and expectations.
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Recruitment (Temporary)

Any skill which is not company’s specialization should be hired on temporary basis. Prognotech specializes in providing resources on temporary basis under Temp Staffing vertical.

Under this process we perform following activities:

• Understand company’s functional needs and define a comprehensive Job description.
• List down sourcing channels which are relevant and appropriate to find proper skill and experience.
• Define the screening process and also assessment criteria (if any).
• Screen and Shortlist candidates at our level.
• Provide appropriate candidates to companies for final screening.
• Discuss the temporary nature of job and negotiate the contract.
• Agree on fixed rate with customers.
• Hire resources on Prognotech roles and outsource them to customers as Temp Staff.
• Manage all HR related issues and compliance applicable.
Single Billing for all kind of Pay-outs, Compliances & Taxes applicable in managing temp staff. Temp / Contract Staffing can be done for any period of requirement starting from 30 days and above.
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Our Process


Requirement gathering

We give time in understanding & gathering information about the requirement.



We source through various channels for the perfect candidate for our client.



We arrange & conduct or co-ordinate Interviews for the clients for all the short-listed candidates.



Once a candidate is selected after interviewing, the candidate is placed in the company

Why choose us?

Our main strengths are dedication, sector knowledge, market awareness and customised customer service.We understand time is precious and we also know how important it is for you to make the right decision.


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